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Exploring Insect Farming Byproducts: A Sustainable Approach to Broiler Feed

In recent years, there has been growing interest in sustainable alternatives to traditional livestock feed....

Unveiling Poultry Nutrition’s Evolution: A Shift Beyond Egg Production

In the realm of poultry nutrition, a groundbreaking paradigm shift is underway, led by the...
A marine-based alternative to fishmeal is being funded as an alternative circular-produced protein for broilers.

Sustainable Marine-Based Poultry Feed Alternative Secures Funding

In a significant stride towards sustainable poultry farming, Aquanzo Ltd has secured funding to explore...

Enhancing Egg Quality through Precision Layer Nutrition

In the quest to prolong the laying cycle and achieve impressive egg yields, precision nutrition...

Exploring Natural Poultry Feed Additives in the Horn of Africa: A Sustainable Approach to Antibiotic Replacement

  Introduction: The escalating challenge of antimicrobial resistance due to the widespread use of antimicrobials in...


Revolutionizing Avian Influenza Detection: Rapid On-Farm Testing to the Rescue

Introduction: Highly-pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) continues to pose significant challenges for poultry producers and governments...

Harnessing Fatty Acids: Antibiotic Alternative for Broilers in Poultry Farming

Russian agricultural holding EFKO has introduced a groundbreaking feed additive, heralded as a potent alternative...

Improving Salmonella Reduction in Poultry: The Vital Role of Effective Beetle Control

In the realm of food safety within the poultry industry, one critical aspect often flies...

KALRO Introduces Game-Changing Vaccine Technology That Doesn’t Require Refrigeration

In a breakthrough for Kenya's poultry industry, the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO)...

Overcoming Challenges in Implementing RNA Vaccines for Poultry

The poultry industry, crucial for global food security, continually seeks innovative solutions to combat diseases...