The largest international poultry exhibition in South Asia

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The 14th edition of Poultry India Expo, also South Asia’s largest poultry event with around 370 companies including 99 global experts, is being held from November 23 to November 25 at Hitex, Madhapur, Poultry Equipment Manufacturers Association of India ( IPEMA) on Monday, she said.
This event is a broad forum with valuable information on the poultry industry, feed equipment, technology, breeders, egg production, poultry nutrition, animal health and international poultry production. It also offers the latest advances in poultry research, science and technology, such as the importance of cages and feed milling. It also offers advanced knowledge and understanding of the poultry industry through scientific forums, training and career opportunities in the poultry industry.

Poultry Farming in India
Poultry farming in India is the fastest growing sector of agriculture and farming. 5 million farmers are involved in poultry farming. What was originally limited to backyard farming has now transformed and expanded into a techno-commercial industry.

It is the culmination of many years of innovation and ingenuity in the face of difficult circumstances. Moreover, the industry as a whole today, which enables a low-cost model with increased productivity, is a success story like few in the world. Poultry farmers, breeding companies, integrators and veterinary nutritionists can see the progress of their colleagues and assess the usefulness of such procedures and practices for their national and international poultry productions.

Emerging problems in production include inconsistencies in the supply and pricing of raw materials and farm produce, ecological problems of manure disposal, difficulties in finding competent and regular help on the farm, and the emergence of newer disease profiles.

This single platform brings together leading regional and international experts in the poultry industry to share their knowledge and experience and provide insights to those working in the many sectors of this vast industry.

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