Poultry Pulse: March Business News Roundup in the World of Poultry

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1-Cracking the Code to Safeguarding Vitamin D Levels in Eggs

Noble Foods partners with Newcastle University to study optimal vitamin D preservation in eggs. Happy Egg Co eggs are examined for vitamin D changes during storage and cooking

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2Impact of Heat Stress on Broiler Chickens: A Study Reveals Potential Respiratory Injury Risks

High temperatures cause respiratory injury in broiler chickens, impacting production efficiency and welfare. Heat stress is a global challenge in chicken farming.

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3USDA Scientists Innovate Technology to Mitigate Pathogens in Eggs

CDC estimates 1.35M Salmonella infections, 26,500 hospitalizations, and 420 deaths yearly in the US. Despite raw eggs’ common use, they pose a risk of Salmonella contamination. USDA introduces R.F. technology to mitigate this concern

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4-Empowering Women in Kenyan Chicken Farming: Progress on International Women’s Day 2024″

Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ transforms Kenyan poultry farming on International Women’s Day 2024. Project Empower Women drives economic gains, independence, and improved family dynamics in Makueni District. Ongoing support sustains women’s empowerment.

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5-Harmony in Agriculture: Integrating Bee Farming and Chicken Farming for Sustainable Coexistence”

Learn to integrate bees & chickens for sustainable farming. Savannah Honey offers expert advice on environmental impact & community awareness. Optimize land use & productivity with modern practices.

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6-Essential Guide: Mastering Drinking Water Vaccination for Poultry

Discover six crucial steps for effective poultry immunization through drinking water vaccination. Equip farmers with techniques to safeguard flocks and optimize vaccine efficacy for optimal health and productivity.

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7-Beak to Toes: Understanding Toe Pecking in Laying Hens

Discover the intricacies of toe pecking in laying hens, an often overlooked welfare issue among poultry. Uncover its impact, causes, and effective prevention strategies.

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8-Redefining Poultry Nutrition: Beyond Egg Production

Professor Michael Persia of Virginia Tech explores poultry energy levels to diversify energy sources amid rising corn prices due to increased ethanol production.

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9-Boosting African Agriculture: Hendrix Genetics Awarded Grant for Poultry Farming

Hendrix Genetics secures a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to bolster rural farming and support small-scale poultry farmers in Africa.

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10-Implementing RNA Vaccines in Poultry: Challenges & Solutions

RNA vaccines could revolutionize poultry health, providing rapid pathogen response. They utilize pathogen genetic material for immune stimulation, unlike traditional or vector vaccines

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11-Unraveling the Enigma of Significant Early Embryo Mortality

A concerned customer reports widespread early embryo deaths at their hatchery after an 18-day transfer. Investigations underway to uncover the root cause of this distressing situation.

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12-Could on-farm processing transform the poultry industry’s future?

From farm to table: On-farm processing revolutionizes poultry industry, enhancing welfare and sustainability.Karen Christensen, Ph.D., of Tyson Foods, advocates for this shift, emphasizing the need for unconventional solutions

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