Poultry Project

Project Area: Bungoma County

Sasso Chicken is the leading high-quality, dual purpose day-old chicks in East Africa. We plan to transform the poultry industry in Bungoma county, Kenya, and providing smallholder farmers with a robust, disease-resistant bird that can thrive in local, rural conditions and is more productive than local birds. We believe Sasso dual purpose birds can help eliminate poverty and malnutrition across Bungoma county.

Our Services

Poultry Marketing

We exclusive market and  distribute  SASSO T451, a high quality, dual-purpose poultry breed that is 4x more productive than local breeds

Technical Support

Technical consultations and trainings from animal production and veterinary professionals throughout the brooding process, delivery direct to the farmer’s premises


Support local farmers continuously to grow their business in finding the market for brooded SASSO birds and possible expansion towards further diversification

Poultry welfare

The chickens live a full and happy life in the best available conditions, enjoying natural, healthy feed, clear water and plenty of fresh air. We try to meet welfare conditions. Poultry News Store promotes poultry welfare through individuals/public outreach and institutional outreach by writing news articles,features,research , vaccination &medication, corporate campaigns against caging birds on our website and social platform and farm visitation

Poultry Farmer Groups formation

We develop farmer groups in the county for easy training, technical support and marketing

Interested in becoming our Agent or farmer?


Farmers who purchase day old chicks (DOCs) , brood the chicks for 30-45 days, and sell chicks to smallholder farmers in their local community. Agents receive extensive support from our team regarding technical management and marketing.


Farmers who buy brooded chickens from agents and rear SASSO to either sell or consume their eggs and meat. Males require 3 months total to reach market weight, while females will begin laying within 5 months.

Minimum order for Agents

300 old day chicks   at ksh 185 per chick, inclusive of feeds for 6 weeks and vaccines

Call or WhatsApp +254706535284 or +254765386250 for more information


P.o Box 25-50204, Patel building, Posta street, Kimilili town, Bungoma county