New chicken diet launched by Cargill

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Cargill introduced a new complete feed for broilers and laying hens in the form of mini pellets.

The new Neochicc diet can improve feed conversion rates, chicken weight and overall profitability, Cargill said, citing on-farm trials.

Neochicc is intended for feeding in the first 120 hours of life. Contains precise amounts of protein, starch, fat and additives in highly digestible ingredients to promote maximum nutrient digestibility.

It also contains essential oils and organic acids that work together to support gut health and nutrient absorption, and the natural antioxidant Cargill Proviox to support performance and organic selenium yeast to support bird health.

“This new diet is designed to allow young chickens to reach their genetic potential with improved feed efficiency,” said Cargill Poultry Manager David McBride. “The protein source is particularly important in promoting performance and uniformity in flocks.”

Results of UK Neochicc trials conducted from winter 2021 to spring 2022 compared the performance of 25,000 broiler flocks on Neochicc and a standard broiler shredder. The results showed an improvement in the feed conversion rate with an average reduction of three points in all tests. Weights from day seven were consistently higher and overall profitability improved by 5p per bird.

“From birth to about day four or five, a young pup will only eat about 100g of feed, which is about 3% of the total feed intake. But this relatively small volume of feed can support cost-effective improvements in life cycle performance,” said McBride. “When fed a well-designed pre-starter diet, we can expect the birds to achieve higher carcass weights, with greater uniformity, better living conditions and fewer hindrances such as foot problems.”

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