About Us


Poultry News Store, launched in late 2022, bridges the gap between Poultry Industry and technology in Kenya. They empower poultry farmers, experts, and consumers with informative content, equipment ,consulting services, industry events, and educational programs.


Poultry News Store envisions a future where poultry farming in Kenya is characterized by innovation, sustainability, and prosperity. Through our platform, we aim to revolutionize the industry by seamlessly integrating agriculture and technology, fostering knowledge sharing, and driving positive change in poultry farming practices.


At Poultry News Store, our mission is to empower poultry farmers, experts, and consumers across Kenya by providing them with valuable information, tools,expert consulting services, engaging industry events, and educational programs. By bridging the gap between poultry industry and technology, we strive to enhance productivity, promote sustainability, and contribute to the growth and success of the poultry farming sector in Kenya


1. Content Creation: High-quality content on poultry farming, technology integration, market trends, and consumer preferences, providing valuable insights and guidance.

2. Consultancy Services: On-farm consultancy for farm management, disease prevention, technology adoption, and market strategies, optimizing poultry farming operations.

3. Events Organization: Poultry events and training programs, covering best practices, emerging technologies, and regulatory updates, educating and empowering stakeholders.


1. Tangible Products: Sales of gas brooders, incubators, and nutritional supplements tailored to poultry farmers, enhancing productivity and sustainability.

2. Poultry Products: High-quality poultry products including fresh eggs, poultry meat, and value-added items like ready-to-cook meals, ensuring safety, nutrition, and ethical production standards.

Poultry News Store Ltd. is dedicated to propelling positive change and innovation in the poultry industry, providing holistic solutions for sustainable growth and success.