January 2024 Business Update: What’s Trending in the Poultry Industry?

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Stay in the loop with the latest developments in the global poultry sector as we bring you a concise overview of January’s key business updates.

1. Cargill Introduces Reveal Layers NIR Technology

Cargill unveiled Reveal Layers, a revolutionary non-invasive Near-InfraRed (NIR) technology at the 2024 IPPE. This innovation empowers poultry layer producers by providing instant access to body composition assessments of their hens. With real-time data, producers can make informed decisions about diets, optimizing long-term production and performance.

2. Cobb Research Initiative Opens for 2024 Proposals

As of January 30, researchers can submit pre-proposals for the 2024 funding round of the Cobb Research Initiative (CRI). CRI aims to advance poultry genetics through interdisciplinary research, focusing on areas such as broiler breeder livability, meat quality, and production efficiency. Emphasis is placed on proposals integrating science, automation, data, and technology.

3. UFAC-UK Launches Algi40 Omega 3 Supplement

UK-based UFAC-UK introduces algi40, a sustainable Omega 3 supplement derived from native algae. Boasting 40% DHA, EPA, and DPA, this vegetable source provides layer poultry with essential fatty acids, promoting health and reproductive benefits. Algi40 demonstrates over 50% efficiency in transferring these acids from feed to eggs, offering advantages to both hens and consumers.

4. Aviagen Releases Updated Parent Stock Handbooks

Aviagen releases updated handbooks for Arbor Acres, Indian River, and Ross brands, offering poultry producers the latest best-practice management advice. These interactive PDF resources guide producers in achieving optimal health, welfare, and efficiency with their Parent Stock flocks.

5. CP Foods’ Kroksomboon Broiler Farm Recognized for Smart Farming

Thailand’s Kroksomboon Broiler Farm, owned by CP Foods, receives accolades for its adoption of smart farming technology. Recognized by the Department of Livestock Development, the farm’s use of digital solutions enhances productivity while maintaining high animal welfare standards, with insights shared to benefit small-scale farmers in the Asia Pacific region.

6. Giordano Companies Consolidate under Giordano Global

Italian Giordano Holding’s affiliated companies unify under the name Giordano Global, effective April 1, 2024. This move aims to enhance the trade name’s international positioning in the poultry sector. The rebranding includes a new logo and domain name (giordanoglobal.com) representing all affiliated entities.

7. EuroTier 2024 Focuses on Innovations in Animal Farming

EuroTier 2024, set for November 12-15 in Hanover, Germany, adopts the theme ‘We innovate animal farming.’ The event will address challenges in livestock production, with a spotlight on animal welfare, CO2 footprint, and artificial intelligence in poultry housing. The Inhouse Farming – Feed & Food Show will explore solutions for self-contained food systems, emphasizing alternative proteins.

8. Collaboration for Sustainable Soy Traceability Using Satellite Tech

Bangkok Produce Merchandising (BPM) and Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) sign an MOU to utilize satellite mapping for sustainable and deforestation-free soy supply chains. This collaborative effort aims to enhance traceability through shared data points, systems, and satellite mapping verification.

9. Evonik’s MetAmino Production Upgrade Hits Milestone

Evonik’s MetAmino (DL-methionine) production facility in Singapore completes its first milestone after a 3-month shutdown in Q4 2023. The upgrade, set to reduce the product carbon footprint by 6%, demonstrates progress in achieving higher sustainability in production.

10. Hamlet Protein Predicts Steady Growth in 2024

In its 2024 market outlook, Hamlet Protein anticipates continued growth in animal protein production and feed, albeit at a slower pace. South American and Asian markets are expected to outpace mature markets in Europe and North America. The industry’s focus remains on efficient and sustainable solutions, with ESG regulations playing a pivotal role in business decisions.

Stay informed and connected with the dynamic landscape of the poultry industry.


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