February Poultry Business Update: Highlights in the World of Poultry Farming

Nature's symphony: A proud rooster, a nurturing hen, and playful chicks foraging freely. The heartwarming dance of life on farm - where every peck tells a story.

Stay informed of the latest developments in the global poultry industry this February. Here’s a summary of key updates:

  1. DSM-Firmenich’s Business Restructuring:
    • DSM-Firmenich is initiating a separation of its Animal Nutrition & Health (ANH) business from the Group.
    • ANH, driven by different dynamics, aims for optimal realization through a distinct ownership structure.
    • Separation expected in 2025 to enhance the business’s full potential.
  2. Noble Foods’ Campaign for the Happy Egg Co:
    • Noble Foods launches a comprehensive campaign for its flagship brand, the Happy Egg Co.
    • The campaign, spanning TV, radio, digital, and OOH, emphasizes the brand’s promise of ‘Happy hens lay tasty eggs.’
    • Notably, the Happy Egg Co. is the first egg brand to advertise on primetime TV.
  3. Targan and Wayne-Sanderson Farms Collaboration Expansion:
    • Targan and Wayne-Sanderson Farms extend their partnership, doubling the number of integrated poultry systems.
    • Multi-year agreement progressing to include more Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ broiler hatcheries across the US.
  4. Noble Foods’ Culinary Venture:
    • Noble Foods invests in a new 10,000 sqm manufacturing site to diversify its Consumer Foods business.
    • The site, set to produce pre-prepared foods using eggs, has the potential to use over 1.6 million eggs per week.
    • Products include omelettes, egg bites, and frittatas targeting retail, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), and wholesale markets.
  5. Cargill and DSM-Firmenich Mycotoxin Reports:
    • DSM-Firmenich’s World Mycotoxin Survey highlights Fusarium mycotoxins prevalence in North and Central America, South Asia, China, and Taiwan.
    • Cargill’s report notes high positive samples, emphasizing the continued need for mycotoxin monitoring.
  6. DSM-Firmenich and Donau Soja Collaboration:
    • DSM-Firmenich partners with Donau Soja to utilize Sustell, promoting sustainability in animal feeds and feed ingredients.
  7. RBT’s Funding for Poultry Sector Support:
    • RBT secures funding for the ‘Improving biosecurity, sustainability, and affordability in the poultry sector’ project.
    • Aiming to address key challenges, the project incorporates RBT’s Protectus Air technology for enhanced biosecurity.
  8. EuroTier 2024 Preview:
    • EuroTier 2024, scheduled for 12-15 November in Hanover, Germany, anticipates a busy show with 2,000 exhibitors from 51 countries.
  9. Leadership Changes in Dairy Businesses – AB Agri and Alltech:
    • AB Agri appoints David Williams as the new MD for its dairy businesses in the UK and Ireland.
    • Alltech announces new roles in the Technology Group to support its growing portfolio.
  10. Novus’ Regional Director Appointment:
  • Dr. Manish Kumar Singh was appointed as the new regional director for Novus in South Central Asia, responsible for executing business strategy in the region.

Stay tuned for more updates as the poultry industry continues to evolve and innovate


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