About Us

The Poultry News Store (PNS) is a media website platform  Bridging the gap between farmers  and information source .  PNS is dedicated to providing its readers or viewers  with educational training and resources to help them advance themselves and, in turn, the industry.  .  The main objectives  of PNS are

  1. To promote the advancement of knowledge of all aspects of Poultry Science and Poultry Industry in Kenya and abroad.
  2. To promote poultry welfare by advocating against factory systems and caged systems through humane and vegetarian education
  3. To publish newsletters, bulletins, journal and books related to the Poultry Science and Industries.
  4. To disseminate knowledge pertaining to all aspects of Poultry Science and Poultry Industries and facilitate the exchange of such knowledge with people in the public in Kenya  and elsewhere in the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Poultry News Store website  is an  authentic knowledge-sharing platform linking  key participants  with information source. It bridges the gap between  the pet owners and information sources to enhance poultry welfare.                                                       The Media website  Platform provides Technical & Industrial information, Vet services  and  Premium Research  & news content, analysis and data resources for the comprehensive global poultry welfare

    Our data coverage ranges from domesticated birds, Chicks, pullets,  chicken, broilers, and layers   to provide a database for poultry sub-sector.

    We have a diverse editorial team of contributors within the globe supported with an in-house editorial team responsible for delivering rich content.

    The result is quality information addressing the day-to-day production issues, global trade and markets and industry trends and innovations presented in poultry farming.

    Our international team of contributors report on the 3Es – economics, environment and ethics – of the poultry industry