About Us

The Poultry News Store (PNS) is an online  poultry Extension Services business  launched in 2021, then quickly established itself as the East Africa market leader in digital poultry technical services  and poultry marketing  . PNS is a professional website platform run by  an unrivalled group of poultry experts and publishing professionals  to  bridge the gap between farmers  and information source  to enhance social economic welfare.  PNS is dedicated to providing its readers or viewers with poultry news and  information  to help them advance themselves and, in turn, the industry

Having identified the greatest challenge in the poultry sector being authentic and reliable information, we have championed offering credible online poultry extension services  and distribute dual purpose chicks,sasso to alleviate poverty also offering veterinary technical services to poultry farmers

Our target market as always been  East Africa  poultry farmers, poultry breeders, poultry consultants, feed millers, veterinarians, and nutritionists to management level or above. With a defined audience  of 24 yrs to 60 yrs who are socially active, consuming digital media, PNS is able to reach its niche market  through paid social network (Facebook) , search engine optimization, newsletter subscriptions and niche  content marketing strategy